The Five Points Experience

The Rule of Two Things

Our collective experience has led us to a reductive philosophy that it all comes down to two equally important things: the quality of the outcomes and the quality of the experience creating those outcomes (for ourselves, our clients, and our partners). It may seem obvious when said, but when making decisions, no matter how small, we mindfully make sure both of those boxes are checked in order to know that we are on the right path.

We have come together to form Five Points to address the huge challenge and potential of enterprise innovation because we have not yet seen any consistently successful approaches. We firmly believe there is a better way and that we have more than a few things to contribute to really improve this frustrating space.

On this path to deliver better innovation outcomes, we bring together the best parts of frameworks, methodologies, technologies, philosophies, business & partnership models, and a reverence for quality user experience in all things. From this ground-up rethink, we're forging software that blends the quantitative & qualitative to turbocharge the customer-centric innovation practice and allow experience design to truly scale across an organization, without disrupting what makes the organization successful in the first place.

We fight rigidity and resist over-confidence. We embrace always learning, flexing, growing, changing, adapting, and evolving. This is the heart of discovery and the root of an honest innovation practice. The quality of outcomes, the dramatic increase in successes, and the positive journey of blazing new paths are why we do what we do & how we do it.

The Two Things, in all things, delivered with confident humility.



The Five Points senior team of founders and advisors have launched successful VC-funded startups, consulted on product execution for businesses at every level, developed strategies for Fortune 500 companies, and served on boards for global organizations.

Together, our expertise in strategy, research, UX & visual design, sales, data, technology, and culture enables us to create a comprehensive, end-to-end approach that helps our clients succeed and define the very future of customer experience.

We are channeling our experience launching startups, transforming enterprises, designing killer customer experiences, corporate venturing and convening creative productive teams into making Five Points the best possible partner for you to change the game.