Disrupt your market, not your business

What if you could confidently understand your customers' needs and discover the experiences you can deliver to drive new business and a sustainable future?


Managing today, building for tomorrow

Leaders face unprecedented times, responsible for business recovery while delivering a plan for growth. An overwhelming task.

With customer expectations and markets in constant flux, companies must have a capacity for consistent foresight, rapid concept discovery & validation, and flawless execution to successfully evolve.

How will you gain this new set of capabilities allowing you to redirect organizational inertia and realize your company's creative potential?

A path to profitable innovation

At Five Points we create a safe & consistent channel for innovation that enables your company to leap over organizational barriers and become the disruptors in your market.

It starts with our approach to creating a complete understanding of your customers' experience that feeds into virtual or in-person labs where together we combine your company's sales & market advantages with our proprietary tools, process & partnerships to explore new business opportunities.

Our tools & process support your efforts to answer the critical questions necessary to make successful innovation investments:

  • What innovation investments should we make?
  • How does this align with and impact our current business?
  • How do we ensure that we're not losing any knowledge gained?
  • How do we ensure that we're driving real ROI?
  • How do we make innovation a consistent part of our organization?
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