Fast & Fearless Innovation

Know your customer, know your future

Confidence comes from knowledge. Speed comes from understanding. We believe that strategic design solves for both and is central to successful discovery and commercialization of new revenue streams.

Our approach starts with a formalized & ever-deepening understanding of your customer's experiences tied to core business drivers and rapidly leads to a resilient & measurable path forward.

Design-driven statistic

Pair this with our venture-based delivery capability and you have a rocket ship that will deliver long-term growth and market disruption.

Alongside our partners, Five Points delivers step-change innovation through our Lab-as-a-Service offering, which enables any customer-focused organization to function like a design-driven company. All without disrupting what already makes it successful.

Five Points' Lab-as-a-Service

Unlocking business innovation

Real innovation is tough for organizations of all types and sizes. To confront and create the future while keeping existing business on track is no small task.

To pull this off, our Labs solve the two major pitfalls in innovation - false starts & capability gaps - and are delivered as a highly business-consumable & capital-efficient service.

Powered by our proprietary tools, process, and partnerships, Five Points' Labs are able to start correctly. They create value right out of the gate and set themselves up for success & effective governance, and over the course of their lifetime they continually drive alignment & insights.

In our Labs, partnerships flourish, filling gaps in knowledge & skill as novel business opportunities are explored and varied demands arise. Five Points' model allows consistent & continual innovation for organizations. We are not betting on one in a million founders or mythical creatures like unicorns. We are betting on a systematic approach to drawing profitable opportunities from uncertainty.

Five Points Innovation Process